Digital Resilience Online


The aim of this Digital Resilience Online training is to greater increase your knowledge of the digital world, the risks it poses to children and young people, and how to help them build digital resilience against the different types of online risks. The key points covered in this course are:

  • What the digital world is and its uses
  • Opportunities and threats of the digital world
  • How to keep children and young people safe online
  • Types of online risks
  • Building digital resilience online


This Digital Resilience Online training course teaches learners about the digital world, how it is used by children, the risks for children and young people who use it, opportunities and vulnerabilities, and how to help children and young people in the digital world.

The growth of the internet and online networks has brought many benefits. However, the digital world also poses threats to the safety of those who use it. This Online Resilience course covers these risks and how to safeguard children and young or vulnerable people from these risks through building digital resilience online.

Digital Resilience Online


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