Adverse Childhood Experiences


The aim of this Adverse Childhood Experiences training is to greater increase your knowledge of adverse childhood experiences, the impacts of these on those in an educational setting, and strategies to help children and young people cope with or avoid ACEs.

The key points covered in this course are:

  • What ACEs are
  • Trauma, including the concept of ‘Fight, Flight or Freeze’
  • Toxic stress and its effects on the brains of children and young people
  • Trauma coping strategies for children and young people
  • Theory of attachment and the differences between secure and insecure attachment
  • Negative impacts of experiencing ACEs
  • Identify what protective factors are
  • Methods to improve your listening skills to offer children support and understand the child’s perspective
  • How to help break the cycle of ACEs when working with children and families.


This Adverse Childhood Experiences training course teaches staff how to recognise whether a child or young person has experienced adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and how to provide support for them. On completion of this Adverse Childhood Experiences online training course, you will receive a certified certificate.

In England, over 80% of children in need have experienced at least one ACE. Understanding the long-term impact of ACEs can help staff in the education sector better provide trauma-informed care. Learners will gain an understanding of how to respond to cases of children or young people who have suffered from such experiences in their childhood.

Adverse Childhood Experiences


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