School Admissions Course 


The aim of the School Admissions training course is to provide schools and those directly involved with an understanding of the educational institution’s legal duties with regard to the process of admissions. The key points covered in this course are:

  • School admissions code 2021
  • Law and guidance on school admissions
  • Role of the admissions authority
  • Role of the Schools’ Adjudicator
  • Key actions admissions authority must carry.


The School Admissions training course teaches staff in the education sector about the School Admissions Code 2021, Fair Access Protocol (FAP), the role of the admissions authority and the Schools’ Adjudicator, the key actions admissions authority must carry, and the expected staff conduct and ethics.

Upon successful completion of this School Admissions training course, learners will receive a printable and downloadable certificate which can provide evidence of learning to inspectors. It is essential all schools and educational institutions are aware of their responsibilities, and their school admissions procedures are fully compliant with the most up to date guidance.

Enrol your staff on our School Admissions training courses and ensure you meet statutory requirements.

School Admissions Course 


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