Understanding Anxiety in Education


The aim of the Understanding Anxiety in Education training course is to help prepare teachers and education industry employees on what are the signs and effects of anxiety in an educational environment. The key points covered in this course are:

  • Types of anxiety
  • Causes and symptoms of anxiety
  • Signs of anxiety are
  • Common triggers
  • Support on anxiety.


Educational environments, such as schools, are where children and young adults grow and develop. However, they can be pressurised settings that create anxiety for some individuals. From exam stress to school anxiety, the Understanding Anxiety in Education training course educates teachers, and other professionals in the education industry, on the signs and effects of anxiety in students.

It also covers the different types of anxiety, the causes and triggers, mental effects, and how to support those suffering from anxiety. Our online Understanding Anxiety courses are suitable for teachers, support staff, school receptionists or anyone working in education looking to learn the techniques needed to help support anxiety in children. Upon successful completion, learners will be certified in Anxiety and gain a downloadable and printable Understanding Anxiety in Education certificate.

Understanding Anxiety in Education


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