Peer on Peer Abuse


The aim of the Peer-on-Peer Abuse training course is to give learners a thorough understanding of Peer-on-Peer Abuse. The key points covered in this course are:

  • Peer-on-Peer Abuse meaning
  • Signs, effects and factors
  • Social norms and peer pressures
  • Prevalence of Peer-on-Peer abuse
  • Types of abuse
  • What to do if you suspect it
  • Implementing preventative strategies.


This online Peer-on-Peer Abuse training in schools will teach learners to understand what peer-on-peer abuse is, the signs and types of it, peer pressure and what to do if you know or suspect a young person is experiencing peer-on-peer abuse.

It’s important your staff know the difference between peer-on-peer abuse and downplaying certain behaviours by dismissing them as “having a laugh”. This can lead to an unsafe environment for children. Ensure your staff know to identify peer-on-peer abuse and report it in line with their child protection policy, by enrolling them on our online Peer-on-Peer Abuse training course.

Upon successful completion, learners will receive a downloadable and printable Peer-on-Peer Abuse certificate.

Peer on Peer Abuse


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