Understanding Epilepsy


The aim of this Understanding Epilepsy training is to greater increase your knowledge of epilepsy and how to treat epileptic children or young adults in educational settings. The key points covered in this course are:

  • What epilepsy is
  • Types of seizures
  • Epileptic seizure triggers
  • Drugs & medications for treating seizures
  • First aid & emergency procedures for epileptic seizures.


This online Understanding Epilepsy training for schools teaches learners about epilepsy, types of seizures, their triggers and how to treat them. Upon successful completion, learners will receive an Understanding Epilepsy certificate.

This Understanding Epilepsy training is designed for school staff and is great for those who work with or around children, including teachers, headteachers or senior leaders, teaching assistants, sports coaches and childminders.

Did you know… on average, one child in every primary school is diagnosed with epilepsy and 5 in every secondary school. For anyone working with children in an educational setting, this course is ideal for learning all about epilepsy in children and young adults.

Understanding Epilepsy


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