Safer Recruitment in Education


The aim of the Safer Recruitment in Education training course is to provide schools, and those directly involved, with an understanding of the educational institution’s duties regarding the process of recruitment. The key points covered in this course are:

  • Pre-recruitment steps in education institutions
  • Assessment of candidates for education roles
  • Vetting and DBS checks
  • Post-recruitment activities specific to education positions.


This online Safer Recruitment in Education training course educates learners in the safer recruitment practices necessary when employing staff for roles in education. These practices include both pre-recruitment and post-recruitment guidelines to follow, ensuring applicants meet the eligibility standards for the role, carrying out vetting checks, and the assessment of candidates for education roles.

Safeguarding students and staff is a crucial factor when recruiting new staff in any educational setting. Whether you’re recruiting staff or volunteers for a school, sixth form college, college, sports club or any education establishment, this Safer Recruitment in Education online course will ensure you hire the right people.

Safer Recruitment in Education


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