First Aid Essentials for Education


The aim of this First Aid Essentials in Education training course is to greater increase your knowledge in first aid in an education setting. The key points covered in this course are:

  • Basic life support
  • Life threatening situations
  • Choking, drowning, seizing, bleeding or allergic reactions
  • Broken bones & burns
  • Day-to-day incidents.


This online First Aid training course for school staff teaches learners how to provide basic life support, how to react in life-threatening situations, what to do if somebody has a broken bone or experienced a burn, and how to handle day-to-day incidents such as nose bleeds, insect bites, stings, sprains and strains, and sunburn.

School-aged children are more likely to be involved in accidents and experience injuries. Although many of these are likely to be minor, a child or young person may suffer a serious or life-threatening injury while on school grounds in some situations.

Equipping teachers and other school staff with first aid skills and knowledge is vital to prevent conditions from worsening, increase feelings of security, and reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring.

First Aid Essentials for Education


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