Fire Safety Awareness


The aim of this online Fire Safety training course, delivered via e-learning, webinars or blended learning, is to greater increase your knowledge of fire safety, the cause of fires, the relevant legislation, fire safety signs and fire safety in the workplace.

The key points covered in this online course are:

  • Fire safety overview
  • The causes of fire
  • Risk assessment
  • Protocol
  • Fire classifications and properties
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire evacuations and tests
  • Effects of fires
  • Effects of smoke inhalation
  • Relevant safety measures
  • Reporting fire safety in the workplace


Minimise the risk to life and comply with legislation with our online Fire Safety Awareness training course. Fire is one of the biggest risks that your employees face on a daily basis in the workplace. With around 50 people killed and more than 2000 seriously injured every year, it is vital that your staff know the causes and actions to take in a fire. In fact, every staff member is legally required to undergo basic fire safety training.

This fire safety course will teach your staff the fire safety signs, the risks of fire safety in the workplace, how to avoid a fire by spotting fire hazards, the different fire extinguisher types and their legal responsibilities. Upon successful completion of this training course, learners will receive a digital Fire Safety Awareness certificate, which can be used to show their compliance.

Fire Safety Awareness


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