Use of reasonable Force in Schools


The aim of this online Use of Reasonable Force in Schools training course is to greater increase your knowledge of the instances where reasonable force is allowed to be used in an education setting. The key points covered in this course are:

  • What reasonable force in schools is
  • Identify situations
  • Understand the law
  • Other occasions
  • Further sources.


This online Use of Reasonable Force in Schools training teaches learners what reasonable force in schools is, who can use it, how to identify situations when reasonable force can be used in schools, what the law is in relation to the use of reasonable force, how to identify other occasions when physical contact is allowed by law, and further sources of information about the use of reasonable force.

Staff members may be concerned that using reasonable force in schools may result in false charges of unreasonable or criminal behaviour, which could result in a complaint or legal action. However, if the force used is reasonable, all employees will be able to defend themselves effectively against any claims. This guideline is intended to give employees more confidence in using force when they believe it is appropriate and necessary.

Use of reasonable Force in Schools


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