Supporting Staff Wellbeing in Schools


The aim of this Wellbeing training for schools is to greater increase your knowledge of Staff Wellbeing in Schools. The key points covered in this course are:

  • What can impact staff wellbeing?
  • The cost of mental health
  • Common mental health problems
  • Treatment of mental health problems
  • Early warning signs
  • Support for staff.


Cultivating a healthy school environment is essential for staff wellbeing, with regards to mental health, and helping to retain and motivate teaching staff. This Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools course teaches learners about what can impact staff wellbeing and mental health, how staff can be supported, common mental health problems, recognising the causes of work-related stress, and how to create a culture of positive staff wellbeing.

As school terms are super busy, school staff have played a central role in supporting children, keeping in touch with them at home or at school, and maintaining strong connections with their learner communities. It’s important your school promotes positive wellbeing and your teachers and school staff feel supported. Our Staff Wellbeing training will give your staff the right skills, guidance and information.

Supporting Staff Wellbeing in Schools


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