Suction and Nebuliser Training


The aim of this Suction and Nebuliser Training Course is to greater increase your knowledge of suctioning and how to use a nebuliser.

The key points covered in this course are:

  • What is suctioning
  • Equipment
  • Changes in the patient
  • Positioning of the patient
  • Practical procedure
  • Gaining consent
  • What to document
  • Possible risks
  • Importance of infection control


The Oral Suction training course is designed for registered nurses, healthcare professionals, and support workers working in areas where suctioning and the use of a nebuliser is required.

On completion of this online Suction and Nebuliser training course the learner will be able to identify what suctioning is, identify the different types of suctioning, identify the purpose of suctioning, be familiar with the equipment that can be used during suctioning and recognise changes that may occur with a patient. Learners will also be aware of how to position a patient during suctioning, be familiar with the practical procedure and know the importance of infection control during suctioning.

Suction and Nebuliser Training


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