Oxygen Therapy


The aim of this Oxygen Therapy Training Course is to greater increase your knowledge of oxygen therapy.

The key points covered in this course are:

  • What is oxygen therapy
  • Why use oxygen therapy
  • When to use oxygen therapy
  • Who prescribes oxygen therapy
  • Administering oxygen therapy
  • The equipment
  • Risks of oxygen therapy
  • Documentation
  • How to improve quality of life


On completion of this online Oxygen Therapy training course, the learner will know what oxygen therapy is, why you would use oxygen therapy, when to use oxygen therapy by recognising changes in the resident, who would prescribe oxygen therapy, how to administer oxygen therapy, the equipment used during oxygen therapy, the risks of oxygen therapy, the documentation needed for oxygen therapy and how to improve quality of life for residents using oxygen equipment.

Oxygen can be used for a variety of purposes in the medical treatment of both chronic and acute cases, whether in the hospital, in pre-hospital settings, or as part of entirely out-of-hospital care, but it will depend on the needs of each patient and the opinion of the medical professionals responsible for their care.

Oxygen Therapy


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