Artificial Ventilation


The aim of this Artificial Ventilation course is to greater increase your understanding of artificial ventilation and the awareness of its associated risks.

The key points covered in this course are:

  • Respiratory anatomy and physiology
  • Mechanics of breathing
  • Indications for artificial ventilation
  • Complications of artificial ventilation
  • Management of an artificially ventilated person
  • Additional procedures e.g. cough assist, nebulisers, suction
  • Local policies and procedures


Artificial ventilation assists or stimulates breathing for a patient who may not be able to breathe independent of a breathing aid. Artificial ventilation prevents injury to the patient by maintaining a stable airway and allowing the patient’s respiratory muscles to recover until they can breathe normally without assistance.
This Artificial Ventilation course will give learners an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of respiration as well as the process, indications and complications of artificial ventilation. This will enable staff to better manage artificially ventilated patients. It also covers the relevant procedures and policies to consider.
Artificial Ventilation


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