Lidocaine Infusion


The aim of this Lidocaine Infusion training online course is to greater increase your knowledge of how to infuse lidocaine correctly.

The key points covered in this course are:

  • What lidocaine infusion is
  • What epinephrine is
  • Side effects
  • Client consultation and consent forms
  • Correct procedure


Lidocaine is the most common anaesthetic agent used for infusion because of its fast onset and long duration. Our Lidocaine Infusion course will familiarise learners with what lidocaine infusion is, what Epinephrine is, the side effects of Lidocaine including infection, swelling and bruising, what to include in a client consultation and consent forms and the correct procedure of infusing lidocaine. Upon successful completion, learners will receive a downloadable and printable Lidocaine Infusion certification.

Lidocaine Infusion


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