Person Centred Care Awareness


The aim of this Person-Centred Care online training course is to greater increase your knowledge of person-centred care and care plans as well as the relevant legislation.

The key points covered in this course are:

  • Defining person-centred care
  • Developing a care plan
  • Confidentiality
  • Working practices and their effects
  • Maintaining boundaries


Being focused on the needs of the person as opposed to the needs of the service is an approach to care being adopted more and more by carers. It is vital your staff know how to manage the patient’s needs and expectations whilst being flexible and allowing them to make decisions for themselves.

This will help in having people’s well-being at the forefront of the care given to avoid any physical, emotional or social harm. This online Person-Centred Care course will define person-centred care, teach your staff how to develop an individual’s care plan, the need for confidentiality, how working practices affect individuals and how to maintain boundaries.

On completion of this Person-Centred Care training, care staff will gain the skills and knowledge to help your care setting achieve a high standard of care.

Person Centred Care Awareness


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