Infection Control Advanced


The aim of this online Infection Control and Prevention Advanced course is to greater increase your knowledge of infections, outbreaks, pandemics and the relevant legislation. The Advanced Infection Control Training Course contains the following modules:

  • Infection prevention and control laws and legislation
  • Infection prevention and control precautions,
  • Aseptic technique
  • Safe handling of disposal of waste
  • COSHH requirements
  • Outbreak action.


Those working in the healthcare sector should be aware of infection control. In order to ensure safe and effective care for others, infection prevention and control must be part of everyone’s everyday practice. Infections can spread incredibly rapidly and can sometimes be fatal to more vulnerable patients. So, it’s best to ensure your employees are up-to-date with the current Infection Prevention and Control skills and knowledge.

This Infection Prevention and Control Advanced course is designed to teach learners how to control the spread, the actions to take to isolate an outbreak, the safe handling of infected waste and the relevant legislation. It also covers how important your own health and hygiene is at work including hand hygiene, hand washing, PPE, COSHH requirements and disposal of sharps to ensure you cover all mandatory training requirements.

This online CPD accredited Infection Control Advanced course is suitable for anyone working in the healthcare sector or where there is a risk of infections spreading/transferring including nurses, dentists, healthcare assistants, tattooists, vets, doctors and cleaners.

Infection Control Advanced


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