Health and Safety Awareness


The aim of this Health and Safety at Work Awareness training course is to greater increase your knowledge of health and safety hazards and laws, as well as the relevant legislation. The course introduces the online learner to crucial aspects of health and safety at the workplace.

The key points covered in this training course are:


  • Defining health and safety
  • Health and Safety laws
  • Health and Safety legislation
  • Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
  • Employer & Employee responsibilities
  • Risk assessments
  • Common hazards


Save your business money and ensure your staff are aware of health and safety risks with our health and safety awareness online course. Our CPD accredited online Health and Safety at Work Awareness training course equips learners with an understanding of health and safety basics in the workplace, the most common risks & hazards, and employer/employee health and safety responsibilities. Upon completion of this online health and safety awareness training course, either via e-learning or webinar, you will receive a printable health and safety certificate covering health and safety in your workplace.

Any employer operating within the United Kingdom must have strict policies in place regarding who is responsible for workplace health and safety. An employer has a responsibility to uphold health and safety standards within the workplace and ensure the safety of their employees or anyone on their premises, such as temporary staff, clients and visitors. Statistics from the HSE show that within a one-year period, half a million UK workers developed musculoskeletal conditions as a result of their job, and 137 people died at work in a fatal accident. These statistics prove costly for businesses when 31.2 million days of work were lost due to workplace illness or injury.

Health and Safety Awareness


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