Moving and Handling of People Awareness


The aim of this safe Moving and Handling training course is to greater increase your knowledge of moving and handling people safely, the risks involved and the relevant moving and handling legislation.

The key points covered in this course are:

  • Definition of Moving and Handling
  • Moving and Handling Legislation
  • Moving and Handling Principles
  • Your company policy
  • Workplace accidents
  • Risk assessments
  • Key skills
  • Practice Moving and Handling


Knowing how to move and handle people correctly is vital to providing the utmost care for your patients. You do not want any legal proceedings based on incorrect processes being taken and a patient getting harmed. This is why any employee who works with people who need to be moved or handled as a part of their role needs to know what they are doing and do it safely.

Our mandatory Moving and Handling training course will provide learners with the correct moving and handling techniques you should follow, along with how moving and lifting people could be hazardous to both themselves and the service user. This online training course informs you about the several moving and handling legislations you must follow and the responsibilities of both the employer and employee. Get instant access today!

Moving and Handling of People Awareness


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