Food Safety Level 3 Awareness


The aim of this Food Safety Level 3 online training course is to greater increase your knowledge of your role in food safety, as well as the relevant laws and legislation. The key points covered in this course are: Your role and responsibilities, Risks and hazards, HACCP systems, Illness prevention, Legal impacts of illness


It is vital for anyone preparing or handling food as part of their role to know about food safety. Especially if you are supervising those who do so. The importance of protecting your customers is paramount and your employees need to know how to develop and maintain a HACCP system to prevent contamination, protect your customers, and improve the quality of your product.

This Level 3 Food Hygiene course satisfies the food handler’s legal obligation to undertake appropriate food safety training, ensures your staff understands food safety hazards, hygiene risks and how they may be prevented and controlled. Along with how to develop and maintain an effective HACCP system. Enrol today on our Food Safety Level 3 training course and we will help you achieve your 5* rating in the food hygiene ratings.

Food Safety Level 3 Awareness


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