First Aid at Work Refresher Training


The aim of this First Aid at Work Refresher training course is to refresh/renew your knowledge, skills and confidence in order to be ready in the event of a first aid emergency.

The key points covered in this course are:

  • Legal compliance
  • Managing incidents
  • Examining a casualty
  • Conscious/unconscious casualties
  • Treating a casualty
  • Further emergency action
  • General common illnesses
  • Basic life support
  • First aid kits/equipment
  • Recording/reporting injuries


Designed for those who have completed a 3-Day First Aid at Work training course and needs to renew their first aid skill set, knowledge, and certification. This refresher lasts 2 days and secures the learner’s qualification for a further three years before the course will need to be retaken. Our First Aid at Work Refresher course is now available as blended learning, so you can safely complete the first part of this course online and the other face-to-face at a more convenient time.

The HSE strongly recommends that you renew and requalify your certificate within a month of your certificate expiring. If it has already been a month since it has expired, you should attend the 3-Day First Aid at Work course.

First Aid at Work Refresher Training


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