Duty of Care Awareness


The aim of this Duty of Care course is to greater increase your knowledge of your role and responsibilities, as well as relevant legislation.

The key points covered in this course are:

  • Defining your role
  • Health and social care working relationships
  • Working together
  • Safe practice
  • Duty of care support
  • Complaints
  • Incidents, errors and near misses
  • Confrontation



Duty of care refers to the responsibilities held by those who care for others. It is imperative that care staff know about their duty of care, as well as what to do in difficult situations or with errors to ensure the safety of their patient.

This Duty of Care in healthcare course covers an understanding of the working relationship in health and social care, how duty of care contributes to safe practice, the support available, and how to deal with comments, complaints, incidents and difficult situations. This online course is ideal for those who work in the Health and Social Care sector such as healthcare assistants, nursing professionals, social care workers, support workers, and mental health care assistants.

Duty of Care Awareness


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