Child Sexual Exploitation


The aim of this online Child Sexual Exploitation Awareness training is to greater increase your knowledge of child sexual exploitation and how to identify it, as well as the relevant laws and legislation you and your staff need to know. The key points covered in this course are:

  • Identifying child sexual exploitation
  • Section 17 or Section 47 risks
  • Definition of human trafficking
  • Threats
  • Process of grooming.


Sexual exploitation of children is a very real threat and is carried out in various forms. This CSE course will cover everything your staff needs to know about child sexual exploitation, including the threats of child sexual exploitation and grooming, how to identify these situations, and how to report and respond to any concerns. This online Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) training is suitable for anyone who works with children or young people, whether they’re full time, part time, or a volunteer. It is essential for those with safeguarding responsibilities and duties.

Child Sexual Exploitation


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