Safeguarding of Children Level 3


The aim of this Safeguarding Children Level 3 course is to greater increase your confidence and knowledge of child safeguarding, as well as relevant legislation. The key points covered in this course are:

  • Legislation and guidance
  • Duty of Care
  • Assessments and investigations
  • Information sharing
  • Protocols and processes
  • Supporting vulnerable children
  • Referring concerns
  • Documenting.


At least one child dies from abuse or neglect every week in the UK alone. Anyone who works with children should be aware of the importance of child safeguarding and the life-changing impact good practice can have on a child.

This Safeguarding of Children and Young People Level 3 course is for staff who may have overall responsibility for Safeguarding within their organisation, for example, the Safeguarding Lead. Learners undertaking this online course will have a higher level of knowledge and responsibility in responding to Safeguarding incidents, allegations and concerns.

The online Safeguarding of Children and Young People Level 3 covers safeguarding and child protection legislation and guidance, how to contribute to assessments and investigations, organisational protocols and processes, how to support vulnerable children and their families and how to document incidents, and allegations and concerns. Our Safeguarding Children Level 3 courses will help professionals apply this knowledge to everyday life.

Safeguarding of Children Level 3


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