Safeguarding of Children Level 1


The aim of this Safeguarding of Children and Young People Level 1 training course is to greater increase your knowledge of child safeguarding, how to protect children from harm, and the relevant safeguarding legislation. The key points covered in this course are:

  • Indicators of child maltreatment
  • Internet and online social networking
  • Physical and mental health
  • Children’s rights and relevant legislation
  • Reporting safeguarding concerns.


Our Safeguarding of Children and Young People Level 1 training course is designed for entry-level staff – no prior safeguarding knowledge is necessary to complete this course. The Safeguarding of Children Course Level 1 covers what safeguarding is, why safeguarding is important, how to recognise the signs of abuse, how to respond to a disclosure and, how to report safeguarding concerns. Upon successful completion of this online course, learners will be awarded a CPD accredited Safeguarding of Children and Young People Level 1 certificate which can be used to provide evidence for compliance.

Did you know that according to NSPCC, unfortunately, one in five children have experienced abuse at some point in their lifetime? That’s why anyone working with children or families is legally required to have knowledge of how to safeguard children and take a Safeguarding of Children training course. This knowledge can help protect and prevent children from experiencing abuse and neglect which could change, or in some cases, save the lives of children.

Safeguarding of Children Level 1


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