Safeguarding of Adults Level 2


The aim of this Safeguarding of Adults Level 3 training course is to greater increase your knowledge of adult safeguarding, protecting vulnerable people, and the relevant safeguarding legislation.

The key points covered in this course are:

  • Legislation and guidance
  • Duty of Care
  • Assessments and investigations
  • Information sharing
  • Protocols and processes
  • Supporting vulnerable adults
  • Referring concerns
  • Documenting


This Safeguarding of Adults Level 2 is for staff who have additional responsibilities in responding to safeguarding matters. Perfect for a more experienced member of a team who has already completed the introductory level 1 training course.

This Safeguarding of Adults Level 2 training course will help learners gain knowledge and understanding of the ways in which vulnerable adults might be harmed, abused, or exploited. It’s a statutory requirement for anyone working with vulnerable adults to have up-to-date knowledge of safeguarding policies, legislation and guidance.

This online Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults Level 2 course covers key legislations, what safeguarding is, why safeguarding is important, how to recognise the signs of abuse, the responsibilities of different safeguarding roles, how to communicate effectively and how to handle safeguarding incidents and concerns.

Safeguarding of Adults Level 2


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