First Aid Course in 60 seconds – How To Save A Life.

Did you know there is a First Aid Course for Children? If your child needed emergency first aid would you know what to do?

We were rushing TO hospital and he actually stopped moving in the car, I was in tears, a police car came and I performed CPR on my son. He could so easily have died.

If they stop breathing or choking could you help them?

22 percent of parents do not have any baby or child first aid knowledge and can benefit from a First Aid Course.

Only 31 percent of parents would feel confident helping a baby or child who needed first aid. But one in five of us have had to give emergency first aid and they were so scared doing it they thought their child was going to die.

Becoming a parent is the single biggest trigger for wanting to improve first aid knowledge with 56 percent of you wanting to know more.

St John Ambulance suggest spending just one minute a day can help you learn how to keep your child safe.

Now see how many of these essential first-aid tips you can learn in 60 seconds. Then take our First Aid course so you’re confident you would know what to do in an emergency.


First Aid Course content.


  1. Always cut food lengthways and not across
  2. Keep hand bags out of reach, kids commonly choke on pen lids and coins.
  3. If your child is choking never poke around in their mouth as this could push the blockage further down.
  4. Never leave the small child unattended.


  1. Any burn bigger than your child’s palm needs some medical attention.
  2. Put burns into cold water for at least 10 minutes then cover in cling film and keep sterile before getting help.
  3. Remove loose clothing but if clothes thick leave until help arrives


  1. Have a supply of antihistamines in your home First aid Kit
  2. Weaning; be aware that allergies can show up this early.
  3. If your child’s has an allergic reaction keep them calm until you can get help.
  4. Rash treat it yourself with antihistamines.
  5. Swollen lips or tongue get to hospital.


  1. Under six months 38 degrees Celsius is a fever
  2. Over six months it’s 39 degrees Celsius.
  3. Never treat children with aspirin.  Check for medicines.
  4. Child not getting better off 72 hours get to help.


Remember A,B,C.

  • Airway
  • Breathing
  • Circulation
  1. It starts with five rescue breaths then 30 compressions and two rescue breaths and repeat until help arrives or the child breathe.
  2. Use ‘Nellie the elephant’ as your timing guide that’s at least 120 compressions a minute.


  1. Also called febrile convulsions, most of caused by a fast rising temperature if your child has one place and gently on the floor
  2. and clear the space around them
  3. If a seizure lasts more than two minutes get medical help.
  4. If your child has one without the temperature get medical help.


  1. Don’t wait for a rash learn the other signs.
  2. Meningitis symptoms include joint and limb pain, light sensitivity, blotchy pale skin, flu-like illness and cold hands and feet. Babies may have a high-pitched cry.
  3. SEPSIS can happen from any infection be aware. Signs include no wet nappy for 12 hours, vomiting, convulsions, feeling cold, not feeding and hard to wake.

We hope this has been really helpful but who else looks after your child? A friend a relative even your partner they need to see this video or attend a First Aid Course as well please share the video below now on how to save a life we also have a whole course of really important life-saving videos to watch and share with the people through the cost of your child

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First Aid Course in 60 seconds – How To Save A Life.

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