Wrexham centre

We have delivered first class health and social care training in Wrexham

HealthCare Academi Cymru have spent two days in Wrexham this week teaching health and social care courses to care homes in the area.


Healthcare Academi Cymru are here to provide first class health and social care training all over Wales. We are an award-winning company and have over 20 years’ experience delivering services to the health and social care sector.

Healthcare Academi Cymru have staff that have years of experience teaching in the health and social care sector. Our Learning and Development Manager John Williams has over 30 years’ experience teaching in the health and social care sector.


We also have training officer Paul Holms who has over 15 years’ experience teaching as a health and social care trainer.


We ensure that we deliver training to care homes and care companies to the highest standard. Wherever they are based in Wales we are fully equipped to deliver health and social care courses onsite at your location, or at our dedicated training facility in Cardiff.

Our training leads to award winning carers

Healthcare Academi Cymru delivers all ProCare Nursing training needs. We have delivered training to their carers who have gone on to win care awards.

Sara walked away with the award for “Excellence in Dementia Care” at the Wales Care Awards in 2017.


The service user is at the heart of everything we do here at Healthcare Academi Cymru. We aim to equip carers with the skills needed to deliver high quality care by delivering quality training.

We quality control all of our courses and ensure all of the material being taught are the most up-to-date. All of our trainers update their CPD annually. This ensures all of our trainers are fully compliant with current regulations.

Healthcare Academi Cymru ensure all the boxes are ticked when it comes to health and social care training, from fully regulated trainers and course material taught by training officers who have years of experience.

Contact us

If you have any health and social care training needs get in touch, we are happy to discuss any requirements with you, if you are based in South, West, Mid or North Wales it doesn’t matter we are here to service all of your training requirements. Our contact details are displayed below.


Tel: 029 2063 1270

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We are a training provider for care companies who manage care homes in Wales

We are booking in training left, right and centre. We offer a range of health and social care training courses designed to equip and teach carers with the skills they need to deliver first class care to service users.

HealthCareAcademiCymru have many years’ experience working in the health and social care training field. We have training officers that have years of experience and are fully qualified to teach health and social care courses.

Here are a range of courses that we teach from our in-house training facility.

All Wales Manual Handling Passport

Autism Awareness

Breakaway Techniques

Challenging Behaviour

Child Protection

Communication & Record Keeping

Diabetes Awareness

DOLS/Mental Capacity Act

Falls Awareness

First Aid

Food Safety

Health & Safety

Incontinence, catheter and stoma care

Medication management

Oral Hygiene

Prevention & Management of Violence and Aggression

Safe Use of Bed Rails

Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults

Stroke Awareness

Bite-size Refresher Courses

For many years we have continually developed our in-house training department. We are not a training company that ships in and ships out students for financial gain, we care greatly about the training we deliver and what the ultimate outcome is, first class care being delivered out in the care sector.

The health and social care sector are riddled with training companies that want to make a fast buck. HealthCareAcademiCymru have prided ourselves on delivering excellent training, so much so that our course participants win care awards.

Displayed in the photo we have Sara Wells (furthest right) one of our senior care support workers.

Sara walked away picking up the “Excellence in Dementia Care Award” at the Wales Care Awards in 2017. Sara has worked for us in the past and has received training from our training department. The training we deliver equips carers to deliver care for the most vulnerable adults in our society, especially those who have dementia and Mental Health Conditions.

We have not only won awards recently but in the past as well. Here is a care award we picked up in 2014 at the Wales Care Awards.

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to health and social care training. We carry out training in-house so that all courses are quality controlled. In-house training means we don’t have to free-lance work out offsite, the problem with delivering training offsite using free-lancers is you cannot see the training being delivered, is it of quality? Or is the free-lancer looking to make a quick financial gain, shipping in students and shipping them out so that they get paid.

HealthCareAcademiCymru’s Training priority is to ensure all students are taught health and social care topics to the highest standard, this only translates to quality care being delivered in the care field, and the service user has to be at the heart of everything we do within the care sector, that is paramount.

Contact us to discuss your training needs

If you have any health and social care training requirements we can help. Get in touch with us and we will discuss all of your training needs you have, we deliver training that will be effective and will help your carers deliver quality care that will only help service users lead a sustained quality of life.